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Atlantik Gemi İşletmeciliğ was founded in 2019 for the main purpose of having a significant role in Turkish offshore business.

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Supply Services

Learn more about our shipping services from all around the world. Atlantik Gemi can connect your business globally and we make shipping with professionalism. Independently from your business, your sector, or your potential markets, Atlantik Gemi has lots of solutions to achieve your goals. We serve our customers with frequent departures on all major trade lanes and inland services for a true end-to-end experience.

Absolute regard for safety and the marine environment.

Atlantik Gemi aims to be recognized as one of the first choice company in the shipping market with absolute regard for safety and the marine environment. The long term goals and aspirations of the Company Managers and the Company Management System are to prevent human injury or loss of life, to avoid damage to the environment in particular the marine environment and to property by pursuing a policy of zero accidents and zero spills to the sea.
The policies will, from time to time, be reviewed and changed if required in order to accommodate changes in objectives, the pursuit of safety and environmental excellence, legislation and for the sake of continual improvement.

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About Atlantik Gemi

The Dynamic transportation company in Maritime Industry

Even established in 2019 as a younger company Atlantik Gemi has the largest fleet of Platform Supply Vessels and marine service providers in Turkey region.

At ATLANTİK GEMİ İŞLETMECİLİĞİ A.Ş., we specialise in management of high-specification vessels and a comprehensive suite of marine services to the offshore energy and wider maritime industries.

Our assets have the capability to serve a wide range of work scopes, our fleet boasts modern technology, efficient propulsion systems and proven reliability

ATLANTİK GEMİ’s operating model centres on creating marine partnerships with our clients to deliver tailored marine solutions, whether that’s with our own fleet, modifying our vessels, or chartering third party vessels